Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Baby scraps

Eliza and I got some crafty time in this weekend. Turns out she excels at eating fabric. She is just starting to grab and reach for things, so I spread some of my fabric scraps around her so she could grasp and feel them. Such a simple thing really, but a perfect 'crafty' activity for a baby.

What more do you need when mama's got a bucket of scraps? I did a little crafting too, about five minutes worth in thirty, but it wasn't really about how much I accomplished. I am hoping this is only the beginning of many, many crafting adventures together. There is not much I look forward to more than making things with my daughter someday!


Cristin said...

Amanda, Eliza caught the fabric bug too it looks like! What a fun time together :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Amanda, greetings from sunny Singapore!
Your blog is really lovely and whenever I read your posts, it has a warm feeling in it, love your craft work and Eliza is a beautiful girl!
Anthea :)

Cat said...

Great pictures! Wonderfully simple way to help her develop tactile awareness, too! How old were you when you first played with fabric, I wonder?

erica said...

Adorable! She is getting so big!

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