Friday, August 21, 2009

Last week I made a shirt

Lately I've been wanting to make myself clothes. I tried a couple of times when I first started sewing, but nothing ever turned out quite right. I have at least three half finished pieces of clothing tucked away in my craft room that I just gave up on. But here lately, with a couple of successes while I was pregnant, I thought I would try again.

I started simple with a pattern I've actually made before, Simplicity 3835. I really like this pattern because it is so flexible. You can make a ton of different tops or dresses with it. This time for example, I made my sleeves longer and ditched the elastic in them:

When I first made this shirt, I made it too small and it was way too uncomfortable to wear. This time I made it three sizes bigger, and it fits perfect. It amazes me how different pattern and store sizes are. It is really so important to measure yourself before sewing yourself clothes. Last time I made myself an 8, since that's what I buy at the store...but according to Simplicity patterns, I am a size 14!! Humbling as it is, just cut the bigger size, it makes the end result much more flattering. It took me a while to learn this!

The fabric I used is Heather Ross, Far Far Away in double gauze, purchased from Sew to Speak. This fabric is very soft and perfect for a light weight summer top like this. I have another couple yards in the purple unicorn print from the same line and I am debating making another top with it too, but we'll see...I also have enough left over from this print to make Eliza a matching top or dorky would I be if I made us matching clothes? Probably pretty dorky right? Oh well, I'll probably do it anyway.

One of my favorite helpers also joined me for the making of this shirt:

Lola gave me some extra challenges by pouncing on the pattern pieces while I was trying to cut the fabric. She must have sensed this pattern was too easy for me now. Or maybe it was her way of telling me she needs a matching shirt herself? Or a kerchief, perhaps? She does love her designer fabric!

No sewing happened this week with having to go back to work (sigh) but today was my first day off with my girl since going back to work and I think it was the best day I've had in a while. I look forward to more of these Fridays, just her and I and I'm sure the weekends will be even better too.


erica said...

Love the shirt! That fabric is great...if you are a size 14 in pattern sizing, I am afraid I will never make myself clothing out of fear that my pattern size will depress me!

Cat said...

When Simon was little, I would request matching outfits for Christmas every year - from my mom, who is an amazing seamstress. One year she made us all green corduroy things with red/green plaid trim . . . I had a jumper, Mike had a vest, and Simon had coveralls. Si must have been 2 or 3. One of our fave pics of him is in that outfit with his little hiking boots on, huge grin on his face. Matching outfits RAWK.

urban craft said...

I adore all of your projects. I haven't attempted clothes myself but you make it look easy. I'm going to work on my sewing before I try though.

erin said...

I love the shirt. I've also made this shirt with those sleeves, but it ended up too tight. I think I've made this shirt in every size from 8 to 14... Your fabric choice is lovely.

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