Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Save Handmade Toys Etc

Just in case you haven't heard (it's been all over the major craft blogs), handmade toy makers and pretty much anyone who makes things children could use are in danger of being put out of business. I had heard about this, but only in the last week, as more and more bloggers have posted about it, have I grasped the true impact this could have on handmade products.

Legislation that was designed to prevent toxic imports will require expensive testing of all toys produced...even handmade toys, testing that costs thousands of dollars and is unrealistic for your average handmade etsy business. The legislation is also so poorly written that it requires testing on items that aren't even toys like handmade cloth diapers, clothing etc. All would be required to be tested! Basically the legislation needs to be re-written to exclude certain classes of items for children and this is where you can help. If you have ever bought (or even desired to buy) anything on etsy or at a craft fair, click on the image below to find links to an online petition as well as sample letters you can use to write your Senator or Congress Person.

This site has a great explanation of the issue and even possible solutions. Act fast because there are only 30 or so days left to make a difference to this legislation.

***Update 1/9/08***
This legislation also affects libraries since children's books would also be required to be tested! And it is retroactive, so it could require libraries to either remove all books for children under 12 or ban children under 12! More info on the books here.

Pretty crazy stuff! And one thing I didn't mention in my original post was that this law also affects resale and thrift shops. Toys and clothes for children under 12 at thrift stores -even FREE stores would require testing! So if it passes you couldn't buy second-hand items for your kid!

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erica said...

I am in disbelief that this type of legislation would pass, without an ammendment excluding handmade and crafted items. This would be an insult to our culture, a very, very sad day it will be.

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