Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mei Tai

This weekend I made myself a Mei Tai Baby carrier. The pattern is from Sew Liberated and you can get it locally at Sew to Speak. I wanted to test out the finished product so I grabbed Chicken, who is our most holdable cat, but he squirmed out just after David snapped this photo and I never did get it tied right. Hopefully we have better luck with the baby...good thing babies can't leap!

This was so easy and fun to make, although as I sewed it, my machine started to make a very funny and disturbing noise. I am thinking I should take it in for maintenance before I sew again. I never have taken it anywhere in the three years I've been sewing on it and it was from a yard sale...so it may need a little upkeep. Here is one more shot, showing off the lovely Joel Dewberry fabric:

The one thing I worry about with a Mei Tai is how it will work in real life and if I will really be able to carry our baby in this. The first thing I wondered was how does one put this on solo, so I visited youtube and discovered there are a ton of great instructional videos on mei tais...like this one and this one and so many more! Hopefully these will clue me in to the ins and outs of mei tais!


DiannaB said...

Chicken is too cute as a stand-in baby :) I was wondering about the solo putting-on, too, but those video tutorials make it look pretty doable!

katie said...

Oh, Amanda, it's just gorgeous! I love the fabric. You're quite a seamstress!

Here's a site that was helpful to me when trying to figure out slinging:


erica said...

I love this Amanda! Chicken is adorable, and the fabric is divine!

Tamara said...

My sewing machine did this once too. It was 25 years old at the time and had never been cleaned! I found out that I could remove a lot of the pieces below the bobbin, and the noisy offender was merely a lot of thread lint. Maybe you can try that before you take it in? It is very gratifying to clean it out, and it made me want to do it all the time!

Cristin said...

Ok, I just found this post from Flickr... how do you like the Mei Tei now that you have a real baby to put in it? I'm so going to look for this pattern at sew to speak - LOVE that store! And congrats on Eliza, she's a doll :)
I'm only 6 week preggers, but want to sew as much as I can... gotta stay away from Target!

cristin (dot) wilson {at} gmail (dot) com

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