Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Baby Girl

We found out last Friday, we are having a girl! I would've been happy either way...it was much more exciting to simply see her on screen...to have a picture of her, even if it is black and white and hard to truly identify anything. She was laying on her side, which allowed us to see her eyes! And I loved seeing her move her little arms. The ultrasound was very emotional and exciting for us. So far she is the right size and weight for 21 weeks too. That was a relief to me since the only weight I seemed to have gained is what I lost in the first trimester.

Knowing we are having a girl will certainly make the craft projects easier. I have the fabric for a Mei Tai Baby Carrier and am looking forward to starting on those soon. I am going to make two...one more manly one for David and a pretty one for me! I bought this pattern about a month after finding out I was pregnant. We are definitely wearing out babe!

The ultrasound prompted me to begin researching baby products finally....Sheesh, what a job that is! Is it possible to live simply with a baby? Not that we are the best at living simply now, but I am hoping for as little junk as possible. Another question for my mamas (it is so awesome to be able to ask you...I am truly blessed to have so many experienced moms around me)...What did you find essential? What did you find you didn't need? And what kinds of things (if any) did you find second-hand? I would really like to recycle some of the baby gear out there, although I know some things you just can't (i.e. car seats).


Cheryl said...

It is amazing how much stuff you can acquire with babies and little ones that later you realize you could have done without. That has been a big learning experience, esp. once we picked up and moved abroad with just a few suitcases....

Definitely don't need a changing table - I used a dresser and honestly the babies will get changed more often on the couch or floor! I'll email you too :)

Beth said...

Congrats again! We were overwhelmed with baby stuff (and it doesn't get easier as they get older because people love to give you stuff).

A must is a swing. You might be able to find a good one used but with as much as we used ours I would recommend new. Funny Cheryl mentioned the changing table. My father-in-law built us one and we still use it! Next to the crib it has been the most consistently used item.

Buy your clothes used! There are a few special outfits that you will want new and special but there are fantastic resale shops to purchase new-looking items for very little.

Cat said...

I suggest you get the book Baby Bargains (there should be a new edition out, but you're a Librarian, so you can find out). BE careful though, because it talks about a ton of things that you don't really need. It is useful, though, for finding deals.

I used an old stroller that a friend found at a garage sale. Strollers aren't like car seats, you can use an old one and it works just fine. Same with high chairs, but don't use one of those wooden ones - they might be sturdy but they're uncomfortable.

Jenn Hess uses some kind of cool high chair cover thing when she takes Gavin to restaurants - I found that to be ingenious. I've also seen these big placemat-like window-cling-related table covers for toddlers at restaurants - also very cool.

We never had a changing table - just used a dresser top. Same with baby bath - we got a baby bath but ended up just bringing baby into the tub or shower with us until he could sit up.

For bedroom furniture - think about things that she can use her whole life instead of baby-specific furniture. You might not buy previously used stuff, but at least it'll be used by you for many, many years.

That's all I have for now. One of our cats is drooling on my mouse/hand.

Brook said...

Oh my goodness... Blogger Ladies are all getting pregnant!! What the heck!! I am jealous!!!

Sarah S said...

Hi...I just stumbled over here for the first time and wanted to add my congrats. My first is a girl, and it is wonderful. I just purchased this carrier pattern last week. Babywearing saved my life last time and I'm sure it will again.

Library Lady said...

We find the pack and play to be essential with a 2 story house. That way the baby can nap downstairs with us during the daytime, and sleep in his crib upstairs in the nursery at night.

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