Sunday, January 18, 2009

I love you more than ________

Along with many others, I too became enamored with this fun site this weekend, I love you more than blank. Cheryl posted about it on Friday and I submitted a few of my own too. I was so excited to see them in hearts, Saturday afternoon (seriously...I think I did a happy dance at my desk when I saw them). Today I printed my hearts and hid them around the house: on David's keyboard, in his sock drawer, with his shaving things...a small way for making up for being a tad snappy in the phone yesterday. I think I'm forgiven. The rest of my hearts read:

I love you more than my sewing machine
I love you more than hippies love patchouli
I love you more than spicy scallop rolls from Akai Hana
I love you more than road trips
I love you more than being in my PJs, cuddled up in a blanket
I love you more than a closet full of clothes from Anthropologie
I love you more than my new maternity pants
I love you more than getting things for FREE

Go check it out and submit yours too. It's fun...and you are so right Cheryl...things do look better written in hearts, thanks for sharing this!!!


Brook said...

OH those are cute! Mine would say I love you more than a fat kid loves cake!! hahahaha...

Cheryl said...

I love reading your hearts! I, too, was major excited when I saw my hearts up on the site! I had checked like 100 times.

What a sweet idea to put the hearts around the house. Maybe I should do that too! Very romantic. I have to admit that after 8 years of marriage I could be a bit better about these things! xx

diane said...

What a great idea!! BTW, I love your new banner!

Shari Lyle-Soffe said...

I love this idea. Thank you for sharing it.

Since you love crafts you might want to take a look at

Cat said...

We started a Usually-Kept tradition years ago in our relationship that DH and I would not spend money (other than maybe going out to dinner) for V-day since we are usually still recovering cash flow after Xmas. The first year we were married, I made little hearts with one letter-each, with all the phrases from the song "A, You're Adorable" and I hid the hearts around the house, in his wallet, in his coat pocket, etc. It made his day, and it tickled me, too, since he reported all of his "findings" at dinner that evening, and I realized it would probably be a few days before he found all of them. hehehe

Beth said...

Excellent idea! I know Kris could use a pick me up and this might do the trick.

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