Monday, July 21, 2008

Crafting *Lite*, Mom & UFOS

Mom fixes my mistakes

I try not to post to this blog when my mind is blank, but here I am --blank. It's been a 'lite' week craft-wise...only small accomplishments --one of which is above. I had a fantastic sewing afternoon with mom yesterday. I definitely need to make a habit of that. I need her help in more ways than one! Yesterday she taught me a thing or two about knits and sewing machine tension and she also kept me from saying mean things to my sewing machine and that always helps! I still could use a few more hours in the day to tackle all of my unfinished crafty business though.

One thing I notice so clearly about myself when creating is that:

1. I am an idea person (so much unfinished business in that craft room of mine). I'm great at starts...not so great at finishes and

2. I like (the thought of them, at least) challenges. So many projects are unfinished because they are difficult or beyond my skill level. Which leads to a lot of delay and procrastinating on my end. This weekend, however, I discovered a couple of projects beyond my skill level 2 years ago that I think would not be so now. So I hope to pull them out sometime in the not too distant future and see!

I do have some updates...this week I knitted a lot, made bibs and tackled a UFO (unfinished object). In case you are wondering, it's still not finished. But it's closer. All told, I probably have at least 7 UFOs hiding somewhere in the craft room. I'm not holding myself to the challenge of finishing them, like my craft book challenge, but I'm going to *try* and pull a few out over the next few months. But don't hold me to it.

As far as that craft book challenge goes, I have my books sorted so I can quickly pick projects. I have a few things to finish up and a quick west coast trip to squeeze in first, bit then I hope to get started. I think I've even picked my first project!

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Leila said...

Hi! You're one of my group members for the gocco swap so I came to see your blog. And I couldn't agree more about the unfinished project business. It's nice to see it put so concisely. I absolutely do the same thing by coming up with an idea, starting, hitting a roadblock, and shelving! We'll have to think of a support group or something for the affliction.

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