Friday, April 25, 2008

Thoughts on 31

I turned 31 in March and it did not hit me until now how significant that number is to me --it is one of my favorite card games! Heard of it? If you haven't, you can find the rules here. We used to play this every summer at my grandparents. Since I grew up across the country from them, we only saw them about once a year. And they are my only grandparents since my dad's parents both passed away before I was old enough to know them. But when we would go out there we would always play 31 with them. We played other games too, but 31 was our favorite. We didn't play it back home, only at grandma and grandpas. Many things changed in between our yearly visits, except 31. Even since grandma died, we have still played. I often feel sad about the fact that I grew up so disconnected from my grandma and grandpa. Although I didn't really notice the distance as a child, as I became a young adult I certainly did. It wasn't until my grandma died that I dove full force into sewing. I didn't learn to sew from her or knit, but these were her two of her primary crafts. And sometimes it makes me so sad that I didn't learn from her since this is such a special memory to many other crafters. But I do have other memories, like 31, or picking raspberries, or helping cut out patterns, or simply going to the fabric store with the ladies. And I've got my mom of course -who did teach me to use my machine, several times in finally stuck at age 29.

Sorry this is long and pictureless, rambling is all I got, my fabric and books are packed and since I started packing I seem to have regained an online shopping addiction. I really need to stay away from this keyboard. Have a great weekend!


Cat said...

I didn't really learn any crafts from my grandmother, but I do remember sewing with and for her, as she got older. One time I remember very clearly, she had asked me to use her machine to sew a few simple rings of elastic for her mother to use as garters (my great-granmother lived to be 104, so there were lots of times when we had 4 generations together). Anyway, I dutifully went to her machine to do it, but I couldn't figure out how to make her machine sew backwards - the best way I knew to "set" the sewing. She laughed heartily at me because her machine didn't have the ability to go backwards - how modern I was! I inherited her machine when she died, and it now sits in my front room, most commonly used as an end table (and as a stand for my small Christmas tree every year).

I also ended up inheriting her knitting needles, just a few years ago, when my Aunt gave them to me. I still look at the falling apart cardboard box with fondness because it has her (nearly illegible) handwriting on it.

I'm hopelessly sentimental about my grandparents. Someday you'll need to visit our house and see my wall of family photos, many of which came directly from their own collection.

diane said...

I'll read up on the rules and we'll have to play 31 when we come visit you at you new house!!!

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