Sunday, April 27, 2008

A trip back to 1990

I found the most amazing memory today while packing up potting soil and some unused planters and gardening tools. I came across a box of letters written to me when I spent 2 months in Tacoma, WA in 1990, the summer after 7th grade. Who knows why in the world I still have them or why they were in with the gardening equipment (although placing them there is completely something I would do in some random moment). Take a look:

Some of my favorite lines from these letters:
"Oh my gosh. I took jazz from this guy & I swear all he said the whole time was 'tighten the buns!'"
"The only thing that keeps me going are your letters and knowing I'm going to be 13."
Such drama! Anotherother find: a bunch of paper dolls!

I'll have to think of something crafty to do with them...or just save them. I still love paper dolls. I had no idea any of these things existed and barely remember any of it really, even that time period of my life. What a random find!! Sometimes it pays to be a bit of pack-rat! Lastly, here my former craft area is all packed up: Do you see Lola? I did leave out some crochet hooks and embroidery floss though...just in case!

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Cat said...

I need to learn to crochet. I have a trunk full of acryllic yarn and want to make baby blankets to donate to orphanages. Can you help teach me?

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