Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A forgotten WIP (with apologies for the crappy pictures)

Last Christmas, I started these soft trees:

In the rush of the holidays, I didn't take the time to hand stitch the stuffing hole closed. I just turned the open side toward the back, no one noticed, and all was well. And then in January, it came time to pack up the decorations and I left these out to sew them up first, but sadly, I never did...until tonight! Here they are again, all stitched up and in a nice little line:

Finally, no shame here. Project complete. Feel free to pick them up and inspect them! What did I realize as I stitched up these little guys almost one year after starting them? I am a much better sewer now! So I'm going to ride that high on over to my sewing machine for a little while longer. Apologies for the pictures, our digital camera is still visiting friends and this was my attempt at picture-taking with the camcorder. Not quite as pretty photos...

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