Monday, November 05, 2007

A few more things I love

About a month or so ago I posted about some of my favorite things around the house. I remember saying in that post that I was going to post about more things I love around my home...and here it is a couple months later. I never did post anymore favorite things. Well here they are!

The first one is boring, at least to photograph. So I livened up with another Wizard of Oz fabric from Japan!

I love my scale. I used to weigh my lip balm ingredients on a little dollar store scale. Who knows how accurate it really was, but it got the job done. I wanted to buy a real scale, like bakers use, but figured I could keep holding out. And so I kept on making my lip balm with my dollar store scale. Eventually I put a scale on my amazon wish list and there it sat for probably another year. Well this year, my dad proudly gave this scale to me for my birthday, straight off my amazon wish list. For 2 months before my birthday Dad kept telling me how he had my birthday present already (but didn't mention my wish list of course). I had strongly encouraged my parents to buy me gifts off it before, but it never worked, they're more store shoppers. I'd given up hope. My dad was so proud for figuring out how to order something off my wish list! I never in a million years thought I would get something from him off there. I love how it is the scale he picked and not a book. The one practical thing. And my lip balm is actually a million times better because of it (Thanks dad).

There's also a new favorite...David and I got this hand-crafted wooden cutting board from my cousin as a wedding gift. Something to inspire me in the kitchen:

I decided this morning to try participating in National Blog Posting Month. I'm hoping to train myself to be a better blogger. And since this blog is supposed to be crafty, I'm hoping it will in turn make a more crafty lady out of me! I'm not quite sure how I'll make up for my late start (the 4th) though.

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