Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Life doesn't stop for weddings

So it feels as if I have been planning this wedding forever, and here it is...close enough to get a semi-accurate weather forecast. Just last weekend it hit me: We really ARE getting married.

Crafting lately has been soley for some purpose...placemats for another couple getting married, more peppermint lip balm for the shop, something for a swap etc. My poor wool sweaters are stuffed in a trashbag for now...I miss them...but I have been crafting a few fun surprises for the wedding. Just eleven more days to go. I so want to post a picture of what I have made for the wedding, but I know there are a few readers who will actually BE at the wedding and I don't want to ruin the surprise!

And then I also have to gear up for the week before my wedding, which in addition to the actual wedding somehow also includes three HUGE events at work. I now see the benefits of getting married at 22 when you do not have a career. At least there will be no time for last minute wedding jitters...

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