Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More fun with felting

Continuing with my obsession with felting wool sweaters, I used up the sweater scraps from the 2 bags I created to make a patchwork scarf:

I lined it with a deep red micro suede so it feels really nice on the red side...and creating a little patchwork enabled me to use some of my favorite Japanese imported fabrics. Because I put it together using the foundation piecing method the mix of cotton and thick wool came out nice and smooth. It really turned out quite lovely.

And now for some zombie news. I bought my cats some super
zombie cat treats from prairie bird designs last week and they finally arrived! Check out Pudge training to be a first class zombie fighter:


karrie said...

Fantastic!! This is exactly what I need to do to use up the rest of the cashmere thrift store sweater that I felted. And I want to incorporate Japanese fabrics too! best idea ever!

I love pudge. my favorite part is when he looks out of the door, but it is really behind him.

Prairie Bird said...

Awesome! Pudge is adorable! It's so great to see another cat playing with the toys I made. Thank you so much for posting this!

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