Monday, September 10, 2007

A little house love

I'm waiting for some thrifted sweaters to felt tonight, so I went on a hunt for some of my favorite things around my house. Like this, my buddha cookie jar:

You lift up buddha's head to get the cookies. It was a wedding gift to my parents some 35 years ago. I found it a while back in my parents basement and luckily it wasn't cool to them anymore, so I inherited it. When I was a kid I used to rub Buddha's belly sometimes...I'm not really sure why...maybe I should end my story there...

I also love this corner of my house:

...even when it's messy (like it is right now...) and blurry (I always seem to miss the natural light), as it is in this photo . This is my cramped little corner of the living room where I sew. I'll post a few more of my favorite things over the next month.

Today, I had an appointment at Wholly Craft so I can start consigning my zombie lip balm there! I've been thinking of doing this for the last couple months and am so excited that my lip balm will be available at a real live store! So if you live in Columbus, go there and check it out! See it in the flesh!!!

Since I've been creating zombie lip balm I've not posted my initial here it is. It was born partly out of a general obsession on the part of my fiance, which I have to say has rubbed off on me. In April he made a music video, after which I felt inspired to create my now infamous (ha) zombie lip balm. Here is the video, enjoy:

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