Saturday, August 18, 2007

A night to myself

I treasure the days/nights when I have the house completely to myself. The older I get, the less alone time I seem to have. I love it when I can do exactly what I want without anyone around. For the last couple weeks, I've really wanted to sew. The only time I've gotten to use my sewing machine this summer was for a Teen program at work and I freaking miss it! But besides finding the free time, there was the tiny issue of the last time I sewed. I just threw everything half-hazardly in my sewing table, so I had some cleaning to do. I also took my machine and a handful of supplies to work, so that left a mess and since then I have just been cleaning around it, making new works in progress getting more and more buried! So Thursday I cleaned and sorted (for real) and got reinspired. Tonight, I was finally free to sew. Finally. I cranked up the Johnny Cash and Beirut, danced around my living room and sewed. This is what I created:

I bought an awesome Japanese craft book today. This placemat was one of the patterns in the book...I plan on making a whole funky set! Too bad we don't have a table to eat at...maybe I'll sell them in my etsy shop! This is the first time I have actually created something from one of my Japanese craft books,wooohoo! And I didn't even have a pattern, I just worked from the pictures. Before tonight I had never attempted to recreate anything, I just flipped through them in aw. Which is kind of a waste of money when ya think about it...but they are just so lovely! I'll have to re-"read" the rest of my Japanese books (last summer I was obsessed with Japanese craft books) now that crafty time is over and it's just me and the computer...and Crowded House in the background.

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