Friday, April 27, 2007

A new look

Opening my shop has re-ignited my love of lip balm LABEL making. I am still not entirely sure which I like more, making the actual lip balm or the labels...both use different areas of my brain I suppose, so maybe they aren't even comparable. I decided to redesign my regular (meaning not zombie) lip balm labels this week. In the past I've always just used colors, fonts and clip art to make my labels, but I wanted to make something completely my own this time. I am no graphic designer, so I have limited skills and tools, but you can sure do a lot with simple photo editing software. I turned a random picture from West Virginia this November (the same one at the top of this blog) into this and then played with the colors until I got things like this. And my idea for the labels came from 2 things: a Marrimekko fabric wall hanging in my living room I love and my trusty fiberoptic bonsai tree (which I don't have a good picture of). What I love most though is that it is completely my own. It all started with a single photograph that I took. That photo became the banner of this blog and then my etsy shop and now my labels. The only thing I need now is some sunshine so I can take some more pictures of my newly labeled tubes. I see my shop being full (or fuller, say 7 items???) very soon!!

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