Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where has crafty Amanda gone?

I feel like a Nationwide commercial : "Life comes at you fast."

I've been a workaholic lately. I've realized sometimes I like to make stuff so much I think about it at work...and I really don't have the luxury to be able to get distracted at work. Also, I really like my day job and I hate the thought that I might not be giving it for the month of May and possibly June I am on kind of a craft break...I have been making granny squares here and there, but the big stuff is on hold. Pretty much anything requiring a fully functioning brain...I am going to try and update my shop though in the next couple weeks. I opened it and then got too busy to continue updating it, which I think seems key to getting customers. But today I am excited to have an entire weekend off, with nothing more required of me than to hit some garage sales and look for funky pirate-like clothes at the thrift store. Doesn't sound too bad...except I keep thinking "Monday is only 2 days away!!!" Someone needs to remind me to enjoy the moment:)

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Anonymous said...

Where has crafty Amanda gone? She was looking for her cell phone! LOL

I just tagged you with a great meme that I was tagged with! You can find it at

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