Monday, January 22, 2007


So I signed up for my first swap tonight on swap-bot. I always love seeing all of the swapped goodies on the blogs I read, but I am not emersed enough in the blog world to actually know anyone to swap with so swap-bot will have to do for me. I'll be swapping a Story of My Life Mix CD. It will be interesting to try and write my autobiography in songs. And do I pick songs I actually liked during certain periods of my life...or songs which describe who I was at the time, but didn't know of or like then? Or a mix of both of those? I want the CD to be palitable so I think it would be impossible to do strictly songs I liked at the time...there are certain songs and phases which I have no desire to relive! I like the idea of Mix CDs with themes. A few years ag I made my friend a "New Place Mix" which I ended up burning for myself too. I'll have to post my track listing once I'm finished!

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