Thursday, February 01, 2007


I've been slaving away on the "Story of My Life" CD. It's finally burned and ready to mail! This took over my life in numerous ways...first, David has, I dunno, 1,000 CDs (seriously) and trying to narrow my song choices to 20-some songs was, to say the least, difficult! Also, I am HORRIBLE with band and song names. I know what I like when I hear it, but finding it when you don't know those two important pieces of information, well, it takes a while. Another thing I was trying to do was make sure the sound of the song matched both the flow of the CD and the topic it was for. In some cases the lyrics don't quite match up with the time in my life they are supposed to be for, but the sound matched, so I used it. Other times the lyrics matched, but the sound was a little off. Overall, I think I've crafted a good mix. At the same time (and I may be taking this task a tad too seriously) is it worthy of my background music? For my life? Does it define all of the BIG moments of my life? And will I agree with this assessment in 5 years? Tomorrow? And then it is completely personal...I like all of the songs, but someone else, namely the people who will get it in the mail...that will be another story...hopefully they don't hate it. I can't wait to see what CDs I get. This was truly an enlightening task for me. So fun!

And I'm totally addicted to swap-bot now...I also signed up for a Winter Knit Kit Swap. I'll be mailing someone a hot beverage mix, mug, yarn, needles and a scarf pattern. How exciting! This one will be super-fun to receive too!

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kweaver said...

I am addicted to swap bot too!! I wond erif we would ever get paired up with each other

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