Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yay for Bags!

I've discovered bags and totes are wonderful QUICK projects! I can finish them. One thing I have found since I really started making things is that I can start a project, I can certainly buy the supplies...but I am not so good at FINISHING projects. I have a couple of things started and stored right now. And I have plenty of supplies for random ideas that popped into my head while wandering the aisles of Jo Ann fabrics. But bags I can buy the supplies for AND finish!

I'll have to try a few different bag patterns though because I probably won't make this particular bag again. I don't like the two different sized handles (which you can see in the second picture). At the very least, if I do make this bag again, I'll adjust the pattern to make the handles the same size...but that might change how it looks when you carry it, I suppose. I really like how my fabric choices turned out...I will definitely be using this combo again sometime.

I have the day off today. I haven't entirely decided what projects to tackle, but I have another purse I can finish, and we'll see after that. I'm takin it easy I suppose :) It is so beautiful again today I have to get out and about at some point too!

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