Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Scarf Christmas

So it's been a while, but since I only have about 5 readers :) I suppose that's just fine. Although I haven't been blogging, I have been making things --scarves mostly. I learned to knit in November and now I am completely obsessed. I've made 4 scarves! A fifth is in progress. Knitting is fitting (hey that rhymes) in perfectly with my life right now. I can take my knitting to work and knit on my lunch break. I can be exhausted from a long day of public service and still have the energy to pick up my knitting needles. I can knit AND enjoy guilty pleasures like Grey's Anatomy. I love it! I see lots of knitting in my 2007 future.

Another exciting piece of news is that I taught myself to crochet this weekend! Last April in Tacoma, my Aunt Jan showed me the basics, but it never really stuck...I got frustrated too quickly and never made anything...but since then, I've been doing so many things (sewing, quilting, knitting...) I think my brain was finally ready. I plan to make a hat for my first project, so keep checking for pictures! My ultimate goal in learning to crochet is to eventually be able to make cute crocheted animals, so we'll see! I want to be able to make stuff like this.

Today, I have yet one more day off for the holidays. I hope to savor it...fill it with 'doing things.' When I fill my days off with doing things I want to do, I feel much more refreshed when I return to work than if I'd done nothing. It's already 10am, so I'd better get started...

My friend Mike, wearing my very first ever knitted scarf. I gave it as a present for our Friend gift exchange

Mom, Dad and David wearing the next 3 scarves I made :)

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Annalisa Ventola said...

Hey, those turned out pretty good! I remember what my first few scarves looked like when I first learned how to crochet...not pretty. Crochet is a lot of fun though, especially when you can understand how to read patterns. Good luck!

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