Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The work/craft balance

So I was thinking yesterday since I am learning to do so many different things (sewing clothes/purses, quilting, knitting, making lip balm and soap etc. ) I should have days for certain crafts. Thursday would definitely be knitting day since that is my TV night...and the other days could be for my other interests. Since I work late Wednesday, that will be my "wild card" night. For next week I will try the following:

Monday: Quilt

Tuesday: Sew

Thursday: Knit

We'll see how it goes! I have to try something because I haven't quite figured out how to best do it all. Between work, cleaning, cooking dinner, going to the gym, all the other errands there does one do it all? I am good at 'getting it all done' at work...I should be able to do better at home! I mean, I don't even have children yet! My life is simple compared to most...Sometimes I come home from work, just plain exhausted! I just wish I had more time to make stuff. It is one of my favorite things to do. Any ideas for squeezing in more time to create? We'll see how the schedule is Thanksgiving next week though, so I already see potential snags :)

Lastly, since David and I just got engaged (!!!!) I want to post a picture of my mom which I just love to death.

I found this picture in some of my grandma's old photos one of the times we were out this year. I like it because it isn't looks a little frazzled, hurried, beautiful and young (she was 24). I also find this picture inspiring because my mom made that dress!!! My parents have been married for 35 years now. Now that's inspiring too...

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