Monday, May 24, 2010


My baby turned one on Saturday. This has definitely been the fastest year of our lives, yet it seems like ages ago that Eliza was a newborn. It seems even longer ago that it was just David and I. One of the things that is so amazing to me about when you have a child is how instantly you cannot imagine your life any different.

Eliza is doing all sorts of amazing things lately...she is walking about 5-7 steps on her own, she is signing a lot(milk, more, all done and cracker), and she says a few words ('cat' is by far her favorite word). She is developing a since of humor, which I love. She pretends to sleep and even did some pretend crying this past weekend, which was too funny! Another favorite game is "On your head" in which she places something on her head and mommy and daddy announce it, i.e "Book on your head" or "Sock on your head." She loves books and will often sit and just flip the pages of her books completely entertained for several minutues. Already she has some favorites too, which makes this children's librarian mama very very happy!

One. My baby is ONE. Still kinda hard to believe...but it takes things a while to sink in with me sometimes.


katie said...

Beautiful picture! I love her "game"--too funny!

Your header looks so nice too. We love those Charley Harper flash cards in our house too. They are technically N's, but right now J loves to be "quizzed" on them.

You are exactly right about it taking time for these milestones to sink in. I've found that as soon as I get used to a certain stage or phase, it becomes outdated and they are on to the next thing! Hard to keep up, but good that you are keeping a record of things she's saying and doing--I think that helps, especially in the long run when you want to look back.

Cristin said...

Aw Happy Birthday Eliza! What a cute photo :-)
My little guy is almost 2 months old, I can hardly believe it! Someone needs to figure out a way to slow passage of time! Gotta soak up every moment!

Kelli said...

what a sweet picture of Eliza. that was one fun birthday party.

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