Friday, May 28, 2010

Eliza's Birthday Dress

I did it...I really did it. I finished Eliza's birthday dress for her birthday last weekend. It was finished 2 days early in fact. Go me! It has taken me much longer to get around to blogging it though.

The pattern is the Oliver + S Birthday Party dress. I bought this pattern while I was pregnant with the hope that I could make it for Eliza's first birthday and I am so glad I did. I am feeling mighty proud of myself for this one too, because making it did challenge me. I found myself over at my mom's house late twice, in the week leading up to Eliza's birthday, trying to decipher a few parts. But it is a great feeling to figure out something hard and emerge a better sewer!

I really love everything about this dress: the fabric, the colors, the contrast, the pleats and the buttons, the hem and of course the cheesehead wearing it (see below). That my mom helped me figure out the hard stuff makes it even more special. All the blood, sweat and tears = totally worth it...especially when the big day finally arrived and I got to watch Eliza laugh, crawl, walk and of course eat crackers in something I made just for her.


knittingbrow said...

That is a beautiful dress. She looks lovely in it. Well done!

Dianna B said...

I can't stand it! Eliza is so darn cute, and I'm major impressed with your sewing :)

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