Monday, September 28, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday we headed down to my old stomping grounds, the Short North. I grew up there, and as I've mentioned on this blog a while ago, my mom is selling the house I grew up in. I wanted to walk through the house one last time, even though it is empty now, to just take it all in, remember and say goodbye. Perhaps it is weird to say goodbye to a house, but I needed to do it...and I am glad I did. Despite the fact that I cried immediately upon unlocking the front door, it was a lovely day with my family. The only agenda was to walk around the house, talk and take pictures.

Growing up we always took pictures in front of the tree out front. My parents planted it when they moved in...I think it might have started out as their Christmas tree one year...but I'd have to check my sources on that one. Here is a picture of me in front of the tree at age 5:

And here I am at age 32, with my little family. Many, many family photos have been taken in front of this tree.

I wanted to take at least one family photo in front of it. It struck me how much this tree has grown in my was once big enough to see over, but not anymore:
Here are a few more highlights from our day...oh how I am going to miss that old woodwork!

A few years ago, my dad taped this note on the storm door...this note is so dad. These are the types of things I miss most about him. I smiled seeing it there yesterday.

When we got home, we noticed one picture of Eliza and I is strangely similar to a picture of me and my mom almost exactly 32 years ago...We are even wearing similar style shirts that we both made ourselves.
I think I like how some things can be the same, thirty years later. More pictures of our day are here.


diane said...

These are great pictures! I can only imagine how hard it was saying good-bye to your childhood home. Lots of memories to share with Eliza someday!

Erica said...

Those last two photos made me tear up a little bit! How funny and sweet that you would end up with a photo so similar to the one of your mother and you as a baby. I just love how Eliza looks so much like you!

Also, that house is gorgeous - I hope the new owners give it as much love as your family has over the years!

katie said...

Oh, that woodwork IS amazing!

I think you should frame the ones of you & your mom and you & Eliza--what a neat similarity and they'd be an awesome pairing. I love seeing family photos taken in front of the same background over the years...I'm glad you got back for a few more.

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