Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Date Due: Today

So today was my due date: May 13th. I've been repeating May 13th for the past 9 months and here it will come and go, just like that. When will my daughter's birthday be? Only time will tell. For now we just wait...which stresses this mama-to-be out a little. We are now in striking distance of many family birthdays.

I thought May 13th seemed like a good time for some show and tell of projects started, but not yet finished for the baby...since I guess baby isn't quite finished either. I have made two quilt tops since being pregnant. Here is one:

It's a doll quilt. Someday I will finish it, hopefully when my daughter still plays with dolls!

I also started a sweater:

I started it before we knew we were having a girl and I've been working on it here and there. The pattern kinda bores me so it has taken a lot of motivation to even get this far. I am now striving to finish it by Kid #2

And now something that is finished, bibs! Last week I became addicted to bib making and made 10, yes 10 in one week! I made some for us and some to give away (because there are many babies arriving all around us besides just our own). Bib making is super fun and easy, I highly recommend it. If I wasn't having a baby any day now, I would offer to make them for strangers.


Cheryl said...

All beautiful items. I love the idea of a doll's quilt too. I remember my due date coming and going too. I also remember during those last couple weeks pouring myself over the book "The Secret Language of Birthdays." Check it out if you haven't. I was dying to know what "day" Eleanor was going to be born on. Turned out she was born in "The Day of Intensity." ha! :)

Amanda said...

Cheryl, I actually own this book too! I bought it years ago and used to always look every birthday up in it. I can't seem to find it since we moved though...Funny that E was born on the day of intensity!

Cat said...

Cute things! I love the bibs, and you'll use a lot of them! That blue sweater would be good for any gender, though, and looks like it would wear well. :-)

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