Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coraline Mystery Box Swap :: Sent Box #16

I forgot to finish the story of the Coraline Mystery Box Swap I participated in. Here is a crappy picture of the box I sent:

My partner took a much better picture when she received it, which you can view here. What went in to this box? Well, I made a black kitty from the free pattern at Wee Wonderfuls, a dragon fly, button eyes on a mini pin cushion, a key necklace and a seeing stone. The seeing stone is actually a rock I found on Shi Shi Beach a few years ago. I collected several rocks with little holes in them there, they were everywhere. They turned out to be a perfect thing to have on hand for this swap. The box is just a box I bought from Michaels...but I talked David into staining it when he was staining the windowsills for our new windows and then I lined it with red crushed velvet. As I alluded to in my first post, I also typed up a few things too, since the originals contained typed letters:

The letter wording is inspired by the original letters in the boxes, but I customized it to fit this swap. I am a horrible typist, by the way, and way worse when I cannot delete as freely as you can on a computer. Glad I don't have to type anything for real on a typewriter these days. This swap was such fun and I am so glad my little mochi came up with this idea, I needed the creative kick in the pants.


Cat said...

I love that cat - it's adorable!

Brook said...

what a fun swap!!!

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