Thursday, December 04, 2008

Love It or Leave It


:: A Husband who goes along with my cooky ideas (most of the time).

:: So many lovely prints at Belle & Boo. There has got to be a way I can justify a purchase...they are 25% off this week too!

:: Trains. These pictures on Hula Seventy and these at abby try again have me craving a Christmas train ride.

:: Advent Calendars. Cheryl posted about one, then I was looking through some of my starred items in my Google reader tonight and realized I have starred three advent calendars in the last week:

a woodland one from Green Kitchen
a bright embroidered modern one from purlbee
a recycled one from Craftastica

Don't you want to make one? Someday I will, but there are other things in the works this year...


Leave It

:: Gigantic inflatable Christmas lawn decorations like these. Seriously, do not get the appeal of these. Luckily there are only 2 houses in my neighborhood sporting these types of things, but still, they just drive me crazy, absolutely crazy. I could go on a really long rant about these, but I won't, not here on my nice little blog...but I just had to get that out too.

What could you love or leave?


Cheryl said...

So many things to love in this post. Your picture is awesome first off. I love Belle & Boo. And there is even a print titled "Elle and the Snow Day" or something. I think you should treat yourself to a print for the babies room ;) And thanks for yet another great blog to read - Hula Seventy! Love it.

Since my blog is already full of loves of things to love. Here's what I would like to leave - toddler tantrums and lots of car honking (for reals - sometimes it's like when is there not honking here).

Beth said...

Ooohh... toddler tantrums are a good one. I could easily leave all of the plastic talking toys family and friends love to give as gifts. Holiday related - Christmas songs sung by Barry Manilow. I am NOT a "Fan"-ilow.

katie said...

I was just checking out Belle & Boo this morning when I was up at 6a and couldn't get back to sleep. Beautiful - I love it too.

Things I could leave: when the recycling truck noisily comes during naptime, junk mail, and artificial christmas trees.

Cat said...

Things I love: christmas lights (even tacky ones, as long as they're someone else's), seeing how excited Si was to hang decorations around the house this year

Things I can Leave: grouchiness from DH, slippery roads, housework, waiting (for anything)

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