Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Since most of my craftiness this past couple weeks has been in the kitchen or the yard (I should say containers within the yard) and my camera, well it just sucks, and it's refusing to photograph, I've decided to just share a list of some of my favorite things lately which make me all giddy inside!

1. Spoonflower: A new "shop" which allows you to upload and edit designs to be printed into fabric. The black apple, one of my favorite crafty artists has already uploaded hers! I'm still waiting to be approved for membership (it's still in beta I think) and I may not have the cash for my own fabric, but it is fun to admire the designs. They also have a flickr group.

2. Farmer's Markets: I'm going to TRY and hit one on each of my Saturday's off. It just feels better to eat fresh, local food. Plus I discovered a new (to me) site called local harvest which tells me there is one only a few miles away, which is so much better than travelling to Clintonville or the North Market since they are sadly so far away from me now!

3. A.D.O.P.T and Rascal Unit: These are two fabulous pet advocate organizations. I would be so lost without them this month! Last week we finally caught mama cat, got her spayed and have released her back out into our yard. This was quite a task and she did not like it one bit, but she is finally fixed! She doesn't seem to like us like she used to --as much as a feral cat can like humans anyway-- but the food we put out is gone every morning. Her kitten (aka "Chicken" around here) will hopefully be listed on ADOPT's page very soon, pending my approval as a foster parent. So if you want to take his cute little butt home there is still time! Chicken Lickin' will be a hard little guy to part with...he gets his first round of shots this AM.

And one not so giddy piece of news...I've pretty much decided 2008 will NOT be the year of the craft fair for me. As much as I really do want to try my hand at a craft fair, I think I would be doing it for the wrong reasons. And things I can 'mass produce' are limited and not my favorite things to make. What I am truly wanting to make lately are clothes, things for the house, perhaps another quilt...the list goes on...for now it will still be just me and the etsy shop.


Erica said...

Oh man, I want to go to that farmer's market too - I didn't know about it! And that Spoonflower site looks really awesome - I wish I was artistic enough to come up with my own fabric! I have a hard enough time coming up with new designs in Animal Crossing - haha!

diane said...

Sunbury has a farmers market every saturday morning-I'm trying it for the first time this weekend!! Me and the kids picked 25# of strawberries at grandma's --I'll be busy!!!

bettyninja said...

What a smart decision to make it the not the year for a craft fair.

When I had intitially graduated college I started a small photo booth that i would bring around to craf fairs. I really poured my whole heart into it and in the end it basically made me stop taking photos for several years. Pretty drastic I know. But I found myself starting to only take photos of things that I knew would sell. Cheesy covered bridges, close ups of flowers, etc. I was becoming the typical "craft fair photographer" and it changed the way I took my photos.

Since then I have started to love photography again. I have been thinking about doing a little etsy shop with my viewfinder photos, but haven't quite decided yet...

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