Thursday, November 15, 2007

A tour of my W.I.P.s

If I did not know this before I started crafting I sure as heck know it now: I am an idea person. I love to start new projects, but I sometimes (often) leave them unfinished. For each finished project I'd say there is at least one left unfinished. I like to blame it on my work space which is currently one half of the living room. But I think it is just my nature. I sometimes have no crafty patience.

Here is a list of my current works in progress (WIP):

1. Stuffed Bird (started this week)
2. Patchwork Scarf made from felted wool sweaters and fabric scraps (started this week)
3. Bag made from felted sweater (started 9/07)
4. Crocheted hat (started Summer 07)
5. Amy Butler Cabo Halter Top (started 5/07 with the intention of wearing it this summer, then perhaps Jamaica, now summer 2008????)
6. Quilt (started 3/07)
7. Messenger Bag (started 2/07)
8. Skirt from vintage pattern I found at my mom's house (started Summer 2006)

It actually doesn't look as bad as I thought it might. And there are some things on that list I know I will never finish, like the messenger bag. I wonder how many of those projects I will finish someday...

Is it bad that I already have an idea for my next project?

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