Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another softie

Despite a bustling of activity these last few weeks I have been able to stitch together a few new friends. The one above is from the book Plush-o-rama. I love this book...and my nieces and nephews do to, which cracks me up. I love being an aunt. Hopefully I'll be making one more tomorrow for a swap (on schedule this time).

One thing I seem to consistently have trouble with is the whole inside out thing...I think every bag or stuffed critter I've made I seem to have to rip the stitches out because the handle gets lost when I turn it right side out. This time it was the arms. I hope to someday get this mastered because I sure feel bad cussing out my sewing machine...and it sure cancels out the relaxation gained from creating things.

Unrelated to crafting, it is officially summer in my library world. Summer Reading Club has begun and I am both excited and stressed. I feel lucky to have David (he is so much calmer than me!) at these times, especially last night when crafting was definitely not relaxing my racing thoughts...thank goodness for hugs and a night under the "stars."

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