Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's Yard Sale Time

David and I are getting ready for the Victorian Village Yard Sale. This is perhaps one of my favorite yard sales in Columbus. About every other year my friend Kelli and I have enough stuff to sell and we take a truck load of our castaways over to my mom and dad's and set up shop. We always seem to sell our old clothes like crazy. But then, we have had a pretty serious case of clothes-buying addiction for at least the last twelve years...Here are this years goods:

Not the most appealing picture, but since I don't have any "works in progress" to show...Also, this year, I'll be selling my lip balm and scrubs too! So if you are in Columbus this weekend....

Once I clear myself a spot, (since the yard sale goods are packed tightly around my crafting table) I hope to finish up my first felted project, which is extremely late for my swap partner. This is my first time being late for a swap-bot swap and I am feeling extremely guilty....but I guess I'll make up for it by putting a little extra heart and soul into this project. I did finally find a great burnt orange sweater to felt at the vintage shop. When I was procrastinating I didn't count on how hard it would be to find a wool sweater in late May! And sadly I didn't even have an old wool sweater in my own closet! But I can finally get started.

Another thing I am realizing, once again (because I know this --I just always seem to forget), I am only as busy as I think I am. In reality, all of the "stuff" on my to-do list is quite doable! Yes my schedule is tight, but really, it is almost all stuff I like to with that, I'll get back to drinking my AM coffee! I do still run on lots of caffeine to get all this stuff done!!!!

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