Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Dad's Egg McMuffins

My dad did not really cook, but there were a few things he made that my mom never did so I always think of him when I make them. French Toast was one of those things and Egg McMuffins are the other. I have fond memories of my dad making me Egg McMuffins when I moved back home for a brief time when I was 24 and also anytime we went to the airport in the early morning, whether I was taking him and my mom or they were taking me.

My dad's Egg McMuffins are probably similar to most others, but there are a few added touches.

To make a "Carl" Egg McMuffin:

:: Fry an egg, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Try your best to shape into a square or rectangle.

:: While egg is frying toast an English muffin.

:: When egg is done frying, turn off heat and put half a piece of American cheese on the egg so it melts a little.

:: When the English muffin is done toasting, spread a little bit of mayo on the bottom half (if you don't like mayo, use butter or margarine, but I was leery of the mayo at first too and it really tastes good!)

:: Add your egg.

:: Add sausage or bacon if desired (I like mine without).

Serve with black coffee and eat OR for the "To Go" version, wrap in foil and take your coffee in a travel mug.

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Erin said...

Lovely memory. My dad used to make us "toad in the hole" which was a piece of bread fried in a pan. It had a hole in the middle of it, and then an egg fried in the hole. Yum.

I think I'll make your dad's recipe for my kids for breakfast tomorrow morning! Thanks...

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