Sunday, November 23, 2008

A few things I love

I found the best thing last weekend at tiny canary:

A Squidtivity!!! That's right, a Nativity Scene, with squids as the major players! Handcrafted by the lovely Cleo Dee. I know my photograph isn't the best (I am finally trying to use my camera on manual mode -I have a lot to learn), but hopefully you can still see the adorableness in this! I saw her Squidtivitys last year at Renegade, but only bought a squid Christmas ornament. When I happened upon it again in my own home town, I decided it was of course, a sign. I spent all my craft fair dollars on this. I've been busy searching for a creche to place my lovely squids in all week and I finally found one on Friday. Here are a few more close up shots:

Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus (I wish I could show you how adorable the baby Jesus is)!!!

The Three Wise Men (note that they are even carrying gold, frankincense and myrrh!!!).

I have to admit, I have been kind of dreading Christmas coming this year and this really brightened my Holiday outlook.

I'll leave you with a few other lovely things:
  • Stitched in Time by Alicia Paulson (of the wonderful blog Posie Gets Cozy). I usually ask the library to buy craft books that interest me before buying them, but I just trusted my instinct on this one and it was right! The projects in this are so amazingly precious...things like making an appliqued family tree, a fabric family cookbook cover, and a road trip tote bag where you embroider the states you travel to on it!! There are also a lot of projects where you print your own photographs onto printable fabric. I've always wanted to try printing photos on fabric, but the things I've seen up to this point, just looked too grandma-crafty, not modern girl crafty. These photo projects are very modern and classic. I already want to make our baby about half the projects in this book!!!! Just need to get a little of that 2nd trimester energy I keep hearing about, but have yet to see...
  • The new flickr group for Sew to Speak! I already uploaded a few of my creations made with fabrics from my favorite local fabric shop!
  • I simply cannot get enough Calexico. Any other Calexico fans out there? The new CD has been the only CD in my car for the last 2 weeks and I am not anywhere close to sick of it.


Brook said...

how funny is that? hahahahahaha

Cheryl said...

you weirdo! :)

Anonymous said...

Squidtivity! Ha! I love it! I am very curious about the Baby Jesus Squid...I remember seeing the librarian squid at Wholly Craft once.

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