Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sushi for Dessert

Last weekend when we had our niece and nephew over for a visit we had 'sushi' for dessert. It turned out like this:

sushi cropped

Yes, we even ate the 'sushi' with chopsticks! I got the idea straight from the pages of the May 2008 issue of Family Fun. Unfortunately they do not have the instructions on line...but it is just pound cake cut into circles and rectangles. You ice the pound cake and sprinkle it with coconut (that's the rice). Then you just press various candies on top (we used Swedish fish, M&Ms, and licorice) for the insides. Lastly, wrap it with a fruit roll up. Easy peasy! We made these with the kids, but I suppose if you wanted them to look cooler you could make them ahead of time and pop them in the fridge until it is time to eat.

Warning: This dessert sushi is very messy and the amount of sugar consumed in such a short period of time will induce hyperness, even in the adults! Plan a trip (run) to the park after eating.

Here are a few other links to dessert sushi I found afterwards:
  • From Not Martha --this one uses Twinkies!!!
  • A different one from Family Fun that uses rice krispie snacks
  • From Brownie Points, a more involved, but delicious looking version!
  • And if you still need more dessert sushi links head here.


Brook said...

hahah those are cute! here is another really cute "sushi dessert"

Cat said...

OMG - those are adorable!

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