Thursday, August 21, 2008


5 minute skirt
So Monday is not normally my favorite day of the week. Despite having a job I truly enjoy, I love being home. But this particular Monday was different, it was a fabulous day. I made Angry Chicken's 5 minute skirt on Monday morning and finished it in time to actually wear it to work that morning! How's that for productivity? Let me tell you, it got me off to a GREAT start. I definitely love that fold over elastic stuff. This was actually my second 5 minute skirt. But this one I used bias tape instead of hemming...the other one still awaits a hem. I also measured my waist in the wrong place for the first one so it is a tad large. Remember girls...we live in the age of low rise and your waist is a lot higher than you think! My momma told me this but I ignored it, silly me!

I hope to finish my very first set of gocco cards by tonight (the deadline for the swap I am in). I am positive they will be mailed late, but I want them to look sharp. They will be printed by end of day hopefully. I'm copying my design on the copier today so I can burn my first screen after work tonight. I've watched and read a million tutorials (I particularly like this one from etsy). Cross your fingers for me! I really don't want them to look like a rookie job (no, I'm not a perfectionist or anything)!


Erica said...

That skirt is adorable!! Great job!

Anonymous said...
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