Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Look

Today we completely finished moving out of our old place. We really are moving on...There isn't a trace of Amanda and David on Warren St anymore. We've disappeared! I spent the morning cleaning our old kitchen, bathrooms, carpets and floors and although it was empty I still felt as if the cats would run down the steps or that I would see a craft project strewn on the floor. I always have a hard time letting go of the image of the houses I have lived in...this one will be particularly hard because we spent 4 years there and we grew up a little bit more...but it isn't our house anymore. We have a new place to make memories in and keep growing, but moving on is always bittersweet, isn't it? I'll miss our old place, despite it's many flaws. Now it moves into the realm of hindsight, where my memories grow a more little rose-colored and romanticized.

And for the new house, we are starting to get things set up...I really do hope to have my craft room (that's right, I said ROOM) set up this week. I recently learned Craftin' Outlaws will be a whole 2 months earlier this year! So I need to get crafty STAT if I hope to try and apply this year!


Cat said...

Yes, it's always hard to move on . . . houses . . . library branches . . . etc.

I liked the info on the Craftin Outlaws - that sounds like a fun thing to do!

kingdomkelli said...

I'm gonna miss this place. At least you didn't get rid of my couch!

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