Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snowed In, UPDATE

Still snowed in, but I thought I'd post updates as my snow day continues...kinda of giving off a "LIVE" I might be back one more time today, we'll see...So far so good on snowed in crafts. I finished a top: Pattern is Simplicity 3835. It's my first time using a Built by Wendy pattern and it was very simple. I made the elastic a little tight in the arms, but other than that it turned out well. The fabric is Denyse Schmidt...from her Katie Jump Rope line. I got it from a new fabric store in Beechwold, (on the corner of High and Garden), called Sew to Speak (thanks Angie for telling me about this place. I've already been twice!) This is the only place locally to buy some of the fabric she carrys. And the owner, Anita, is super sweet. I'll defintely be back again and again! I also baked cookies today...Cranberry Chocolate chip from the cookbook Apples for Jam. I am loving this cookbook which is organized by color of the dish and full of memories and excellent photography! The cookies are from the red section.

How is your Saturday going?


diane said...

Super cute top!!! The cookies sound yummy-whenever I work sundays, there are cranberry chocolate chip cookies brought in, still hot, from a co-worker--yum!!! Having tons of fun in the snow today-not too much crafting going on..maybe tomorrow!!!

Cat said...

We are out of milk until we can either dig out or get our son to venture the 1/2 mile to the store (hubby and I aren't supposed to exert ourselves in cold temps like this). We don't need the baked goods anyway! I did some knitting (after I stopped doing the happy dance for being closed!), but I've done so much knitting my fingers are sore! LOL Maybe it's time to dig out the Sculpey today.

Oh - great top!

Lizzyblack said...

Hello Amanda! I receive your lovely mobile just today, and I wanted to thank you! It's so beautiful! As soon as possible, I will take a picture of it and post in my blog! :)


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