Monday, March 24, 2008

Part Time Crafter Tips

Since I've been at this whole crafting thing a couple of years now, I've decided it's about time to offer up some advice...some bits of crafty wisdom I've learned along the way that makes being crafty work for me...because crafting in your spare time can be difficult! First of all, you have a day job which most likely does not involve craftiness, and it probably takes up a lot of your energy. Plus you have friends and family. Where do you find the energy to sew, knit, crochet etc etc.??? I find the energy in bits and pieces throughout the week. And sometimes I don't always find it, but usually I I'll begin with an easy one...unless of course you are a neat freak...and in that case I really cannot help you!

Part Time Crafter Tip #1: Adopt a NO CLEANING Day
For me, it's Monday. I've made a conscious decision to not care about the state of my house on Mondays. I find sometimes I feel so pressured to keep the house clean it stalls my creative process. On Mondays I do not allow any feelings of guilt, not over cleaning. It can always wait till tomorrow. And I also only do low-key crafting on kinda goes along with the no cleaning policy. Tuesdays I end up being a better cleaner and a better crafter from this little respite. Give it a try...let me know if it works ;)

And now back to some lackadaisical is Monday after all...

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diane said...

I LOVE no cleaning days!!! Or I say "I'll clean for 1 hour" then it's time to do some knitting. I do think that since I work nights and the house is quiet during the day, my sleep suffers because I want to be up doing something crafty. Who needs to sleep? I can do that when I get old, then I can snuggle up with all my afgans!!

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