Friday, January 04, 2008

Thrift Store Challenge

It's no secret, I love clothes. My love of clothes is perhaps the reason I have very little savings and accumulated credit card debt in my twenties. My love of clothing goes way back...even from a young age I was picking out my own clothes and drawing "designs," playing fashion designer. Although I cringe now at some of my former ideas of being fashionable, the fact remains that I have always been interested in fashion and having, what I believed to be, nice clothes. As I have accumulated more and more disposable income I have bought more and more clothes. Although crafting has taken away a lot of the time I had previously dedicated to clothes shopping, I still have accumulated many more new shirts and jeans and pants in my closet, even in the last year. But this Christmas as I was walking around in Target, I found myself disgusted with all of the new clothes. Not because of what they looked like, but there were just so many of them. All new...probably made in China or in a sweat shop, eating up resources in the process. And it just kind of made me feel embarrassed that I fall victim to such easy impulse clothing purchases so often.

Now the point of all this is not to stop buying clothes, but I've decided to try and buy most of my clothes in 2008 second hand. A few things I just can't buy second hand but besides those few things what isn't bought second hand will be hand crafted in some way. That is my challenge for the small way I am going to live a greener life...wish me luck!

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kingdomkelli said...

yay to thrift store challenges! But, might I remind you that the idea actually came when a companion in Chicago was discussing it over dinner in early December? You're definitely the more proactive of the two of us in getting it put into action!

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