Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Soft Addictions

So I think I have a craft supply buying addiction. It's serious. I don't keep track of how many random pieces of fabric or patterns I spontaneously buy while watching Thursday night TV, but I think it's too many. But okay look how adorable the top print in the picture above is! I mean there are little bread and milk jug headed people on it. I had to have it before it wasn't there anymore. There must be something cool I can make with it eventually. I think my buying addiction must be bad since David rolls his eye each time I get a package in the mail ("What is it this time?"). So anyway...I am announcing here that I am taking a 2 month break from buying non-necessary craft supplies! If it ain't for something already in progress, I'm not buying it! And I'm not shopping for it either. No online shopping for me, no ma'am! I'm banning myself from the laptop too actually. David and I are swapping computers. I so easily get sucked into that lovely laptop of mine. I frequently let my night of crafting evaporate as I shop etsy and read craft blogs. David has the "Old Betsy" computer which drives me nuts as it creeps along. That will surely cut my online activities in half at the very least. Well, here goes nothing. June 10th here I come!

1 comment:

karrie said...

That top print is unbelievably cute. Are you allowed to break your no-shopping-pledge in the case of random 50% (or more) off sales? I just broke mine for a half off yarn sale.

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