Monday, October 02, 2006

Sewing right after work...

So I got home from work today and after my usual routine of unwinding and checking my email and some craft blogs (no myspace though!), I decided to sew! And it worked...I finished this funky a...wallet? change purse? make-up bag? Not quite sure what to call it...It is about the size of a make-up bag though. It is loosely based on the pattern in the Denyse Schmidt Quilts book. This time I made up the design on it! The stitches on it are really sloppy though, which you can't tell from the pics, but it's ok for a first try. Oh, and I learned something: unzip the zipper when you are sewing it in...I sewed the whole thing shut and couldn't open it. I had to rip some seems out, unzip and re-sew, lol!

Right before I sewed it shut :)

The finished product:

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