Monday, October 23, 2006

Getting there

So I've been happily slaving away on this quilt...No, I did not finish in time for the shower, but it will be done by the birth. One week was a bit too optimistic anyhow. The quilt top is nearly finished. I just have to attach the border, so I'm almost there. I would work on it tonight, but I am going to rest my neck instead. I work mostly on the floor and I was having shooting pains in my neck and upper back today. Twenty-nine and I've already got old lady pains. What's up with that? I only have 5 months left to be in my twenties...and it is starting to freak me out a tad. Amanda will be a 30 something soon...I kinda always thought I'd get to stay a 20-something forever.

Here are the latest pictures::

David and I are enjoying being Kitten parents :) Lola is napping on my arm as we speak...making typing a bit difficult. She is really clingy, Lola is. My kinda kitty! Such a snuggler.

1 comment:

The Perpetual Snacker said...

Looking good! Wow, I'm so impressed.

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